With your support, displaced households are regaining their dignity, preserving their health, and restoring their lives through ADRA’s Cash-for-Work opportunities, food and non-food item, and hygiene kit distributions. Also, their privacy and security at the shelters they call home for the foreseeable future, have significantly improved. 

Thank you once again for partnering with ADRA to restore the lives of so many people.


Nagi Khalil | Country Director

Map of ADRA Syria project locations

An international non-governmental organization called ADRA Syria works in Syria to provide vulnerable and displaced communities affected by the country’s ongoing conflict with humanitarian aid. Adventist Development and Relief Agency, or ADRA, is a worldwide humanitarian organization that supports communities in need and encourages sustainable development. The main objectives of ADRA Syria’s programs are to promote long-term development initiatives, including as education, livelihood programs, and water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) interventions, to aid in community recovery and reconstruction while also providing emergency relief, such as food and shelter. ADRA International, with its main office in the United States, oversees the operations of ADRA Syria.

In the nine target governorates of Aleppo, Deir ez-Zour, Idlib, Hama, Homs, Latakia, Quneitra, Raqqa, and Rural Damascus in 2022, ADRA Syria had contact with a total of 495,222 vulnerable people.

Mohammad, Nour, and Ward- Sultan Bash Al Atrash, Aleppo

Discover the inspiring story of Mohammad and Warda, a family devastated by the Syrian conflict and the February 6 earthquakes. Forced to live in a cramped classroom at the Sultan Bash Atrash shelter, they struggled to find safety and stability. However, thanks to the support of ADRA and other humanitarian efforts, their lives have taken a turn for the better. Find out how Mohammad’s passion for drawing and the provision of essential supplies have brought hope back into their lives. Join their journey of resilience and gratitude as they express their heartfelt appreciation to ADRA for restoring their faith in a time of hopelessness.

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Short Stories in Latakia – Sports City Center

iscover the inspiring stories of Esraa, Hafiza, and Mohammed, individuals who faced the devastating aftermath of an earthquake. From finding refuge under a bridge to seeking shelter at the Sports City Center, their lives were forever changed. With gratitude towards ADRA, they express their appreciation for the personalized food deliveries and essential support. Join Esraa, Hafiza, and Mohammed as they navigate challenges, form connections, and hold onto dreams of a brighter future.

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