Cash distributions for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) under the IMPACT Project in Hama and Homs continued in April 2023, providing much-needed assistance to 665 additional households. This third batch of transfers completes the distribution, benefiting a total of 1,593 families (approximately 7,965 individuals). ADRA conducted 10 monitoring visits and subsequently initiated post-distribution monitoring (PDM). Staff members received training on the PDM questionnaire and interacting with beneficiaries.

The PDM questionnaire covers various aspects, including the beneficiary’s overall experience with the cash transfer process, utilization of the funds, and the beneficiary’s perception of ADRA and the transfer company’s engagement.

It also inquires about the impact of the earthquake on the family, if applicable.

In April 2023, a total of 88 PDM visits were conducted.



Post-Distribution Monitoring (PDM) visits in Hama

Rehabilitation of the Cadastral Affairs Building:

Approval is pending for the next phase of rehabilitation for the Cadastral Affairs Building. ADRA is following up with the donor.