At ADRA Syria, we are driven by the belief in the inherent value of every person and the conviction that it is our duty to help individuals and families live the lives they were meant to live.

In 2023, we further extended our efforts by entering newly accessible regions in Syria.

Our work encompassed various sectors such as Food Security and Livelihoods, Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Health, Education, Protection, Shelter, and Emergency Response.


Emergency Response

Providing relief in crises doesn’t end when the initial response is complete, but continues as homes, lives, and communities are rebuilt and prepared for what’s next.

Recover-Al-Mayadeen-Al Fourati school -EDU-FEB-2023-RC-CHimic lesson


ADRA SYRIA aims to actively and effectively contribute by providing accessible educational opportunities and a secure learning environment. 


Assist families in restoring their income by offering the necessary training, support, and resources to enhance their earnings and broaden their opportunities.



Ensure access to reliable and clean drinking water for Syrian communities, creating a hygienic and respectful environment. 

WATCH-DZ-Al Sbeikhan-Sbeikhan pump station-WASH-Jan 2023 in Sbeikhan pump station (4)
ADRA Staff watching over a shelter after the 2023 earthquake



ADRA helps families to restore an appropriate and safe house Shelter assistance through various activities: rehabilitation of damaged houses, shelter kits provision, rehabilitation of collective shelters, providing households water tanks


ADRA Syria plays an active and effective role to continueby focusing on the rehabilitation of social care centers that were damaged during the crisis.

UNHCR23-DZ- Cadastral building-SHEL-March2023 UNHCR protection Department visit (3)
Food security

Food security and Agriculture

ADRA Syria doing its best so that access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food that meets their food preferences and dietary needs for an active and healthy life.


Enhance the health resilience of beneficiaries by rehabilitating health centers and providing support in the form of essential materials and distribution of hygiene kits.

Health 2
SCRUB project - distribution of hygiene & cleaning kits - Homs - March APril 2021- 3


ADRA responded to the global COVID-19 pandemic in Syria by repurposing funds and securing specific funding. They distributed sanitization kits, provided meals to affected individuals, and supported vulnerable beneficiaries.

Mohammad, Nour, and Ward- Sultan Bash Al Atrash, Aleppo

Discover the inspiring story of Mohammad and Warda, a family devastated by the Syrian conflict and the February 6 earthquakes. Forced to live in a cramped classroom at the Sultan Bash Atrash shelter, they struggled to find safety and stability. However, thanks to the support of ADRA and other humanitarian efforts, their lives have taken a turn for the better. Find out how Mohammad’s passion for drawing and the provision of essential supplies have brought hope back into their lives. Join their journey of resilience and gratitude as they express their heartfelt appreciation to ADRA for restoring their faith in a time of hopelessness.

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Short Stories in Latakia – Sports City Center

iscover the inspiring stories of Esraa, Hafiza, and Mohammed, individuals who faced the devastating aftermath of an earthquake. From finding refuge under a bridge to seeking shelter at the Sports City Center, their lives were forever changed. With gratitude towards ADRA, they express their appreciation for the personalized food deliveries and essential support. Join Esraa, Hafiza, and Mohammed as they navigate challenges, form connections, and hold onto dreams of a brighter future.

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