help break the cycle of poverty

Did you know that 10% of the world’s population lives on less than $1.90 a day? Fortunately, some of the most effective tools in fighting poverty are surprisingly simple – training, loans, seeds, animals, and access to marketplaces. By helping individuals provide for themselves, we can create transformative change that can be felt for generations to come. This is especially true for women, who benefit greatly from gaining access to previously inaccessible marketplaces. It empowers them with a reliable income, self-reliance, and even safety for themselves and their children.

Based on our assessments, the following urgent needs have been identified:

✓ Immediate support is required for debris removal in the earthquake-affected governorates.

✓ Emergency livelihoods and job opportunities need to be provided for the most vulnerable households affected by the earthquake.

✓ Supporting the revival of economic activity in the affected areas by offering emergency assistance to local shops and businesses.

✓ Urgent rehabilitation of essential productive infrastructures has been highlighted in the assessments.

Addressing these needs will play a crucial role in assisting the affected communities and facilitating their recovery process.

Did you Know?

Only 27% of the adult Syrian refugees have worked at least one day per month,.


36,625 individuals



Livelihood verification home visits in Rastan, Homs


New leaks in the irrigation canal in Maskaneh, Aleppo



In February 2023, the ENRICH Project in Homs focused on improving livelihoods. However, during the training session for volunteers on the verification form, it was discovered that certain essential questions had been unintentionally deleted. As a result, the form is currently being revised to include additional questions that will provide more comprehensive baseline information. The verification process is set to begin in March 2023 with the goal of identifying beneficiaries for e-vouchers, who will receive grants to revitalize their businesses. This initiative aims to ensure long-term food security for households in the region.

ADRA has successfully developed a verification form to select 80 beneficiaries in Rastan and Qusair who will receive nutrition livelihood grants. The form will serve as a guide for our dedicated staff and volunteers to identify families with malnourished cases, as well as pregnant or lactating women who require support. By providing grants to these individuals, we aim to enhance their nutritional well-being and promote stability within their families. The verification process is scheduled to commence in early March 2023, marking an important step toward achieving our objectives.


During a monitoring visit in April 2023, ADRA observed leakage in some of the rehabilitated canals that are currently filled with water. As a result, the contractor is unable to fix the leaks at this time. ADRA has collaborated with the General Organization for Land Development (GOLD) and made the decision to hand over the project and address the leakage issue during the upcoming harvesting season, commencing on May 1st, 2023.

ADRA has received a request from GOLD for additional rehabilitation support due to damage caused by an earthquake in the irrigation canals. ADRA is actively coordinating with GOLD to assess the technical requirements and obtain necessary approvals to initiate the rehabilitation process.