ADRA continues to respond to the earthquake disaster in Aleppo, and Latakia.

When a crisis occurs, ADRA’s global network and partners are prepared with urgent resources that are often prepositioned to quickly reach the affected areas in need. ADRA’s country offices closest to the disaster coordinate funds, materials, and personnel, enabling immediate action and delivering the necessary relief supplies to the most severely impacted regions.

Did you Know?

According to the UN’s refugee agency’s April Operational Update on northwest Syria, the humanitarian conditions in that region have been worsening due to ongoing hostilities, a deteriorating economic crisis, and the aftermath of devastating earthquakes in February 2023. This deterioration comes after more than 12 years of conflict in the area.


Food Basket Distribution Aleppo

Location: Bustan Al Qaser and Fardous areas Status: ADRA distributed 1,179 food baskets to provide 5 days' worth of food to 5,895 individuals in 5 communities during May 2023. Donor-Project: SHF - ADMIRE / DANIDA - COPE

Rehabilitation of Shelters Aleppo

Authorization is pending from MoE and DoE to move portable showers and toilets to Sultan Bash Atrash shelter. Adnan Al Mandi shelter was evacuated and is now a school. Donor-Project: SHF - PULSE

Hygiene Kit Distribution Aleppo

ADRA distributed 1,675 hygiene kits in six different communities, benefiting 7,160 individuals by improving hygiene opportunities. Donor-Project: Plan International - EARTH / Swiss Solidarity - ESHWA / LDSC - EREFA

Cash for Work Aleppo

ADRA contracted 6 daily workers to clean three collective shelters. Donor-Project: ADRA Network - RELIEF

Ready-to-eat food parcels Latakia

Status: ADRA distributed 145 food parcels containing ready-to-eat food, providing 5 days' worth of food to 770 individuals in three different collective shelters. Donor-Project: LDSC - EREFA

Food Parcel Latakia

Status: ADRA distributed 801 food parcels, providing a 15-day food supply to each family in four different locations of rural Latakia, benefiting 4,005 individuals. Donor-Project: DANIDA - COPE

Collective Shelter Rehabilitation Latakia

Status: ADRA is in the process of completing the technical assessment for rehabilitating 2 floors with approximately 17 rooms each, with the expectation of accommodating around 40 families. Donor-Project: LDSC - EREFA

School Rehabilitation Latakia

ADRA has assessed 5 schools and is currently preparing the Bill of Quantities (BoQs) for the rehabilitation process. Donor-Project: ECHO-RECOVER / Plan International - EARTH

Blanket Distribution in Aleppo

Three hundred and six blankets were distributed in four shelters benefiting 302 families

Rehabilitation of Shelters

Rehabilitation of two mid-term collective shelters was completed: Al Wahda, which has been handed over to the DoE and is already hosting families, and Adnan Al Medani, which was subsequently evacuated. Resources used to rehabilitate this shelter will be moved to other open shelters as needed


Completed the rehabilitation of the Adnan Al Malki collective shelter, hosting 72 families; additional work was also completed on Al Qardaha Hotel (expected to host 66 families on the three floors rehabilitated by ADRA)

Rehabilitation of School

WASH facilities in Hattim Mhanna school, Latakia

Food Distribution in Aleppo

ADRA distributed 457 food baskets (to provide food for 5 days) to 2,285 individuals in 6 shelters during April 2023

Hygiene Kits in Aleppo

ADRA distributed 413 hygiene kits in 5 collective shelters, improving the hygiene opportunities of 2,065 individuals

Food Distribution in Latakkia

ADRA provided 16,200 hot meals to 900 individuals in 2 shelters in April 2023

Food Parcels in Latakia

ADRA distributed food parcels, intended to provide each family with a 15-day food supply, benefitting 1,950 individual