Food Security and Agriculture


ADRA successfully completed the procurement process and evaluated six bidding shops for the electronic voucher program. The selected vendors were then trained on the proper use of the vouchers, and the application was tested to ensure that it worked well with the internet and cell coverage. Volunteers were also trained on how to use the e-vouchers.

Later on, ADRA conducted a market analysis to compare the prices offered by the selected vendors with the market prices. As a result, one vendor withdrew from the program due to their high prices. The following day, ADRA and the service provider distributed 193 e-vouchers to beneficiaries, providing training on how to redeem them in the available shops. By the end of February, 98 e-vouchers had been successfully redeemed.


Did you Know?

 Electronic vouchers allow individuals and families to choose the food items they need based on their preferences and dietary requirements.


ENRICH Project, Homs

ADRA successfully distributed the second round of e-vouchers, and all 500 beneficiary households have now redeemed their vouchers. In addition, this month marks the approval of the third vendor to deliver goods to Qusair, ensuring more convenience for beneficiaries in the area during the redemption process.

SPARC Project

During reporting period, ADRA received nutrition awareness materials from the nutrition sector and shared them with SARC for review and approval. Their feedback is expected in early May 2023. After receiving approval, ADRA will train ADRA and SARC staff and volunteers and then begin the awareness sessions for beneficiaries.