Water, Sanitation & Hygiene


In the rural area of Damascus, ADRA is making progress with the installation of a solar system at the Sbeineh Borehole, which has reached 85% completion. They have also received the chlorine pump and are expecting to complete installation in March 2023.


In Arneh, ADRA is rehabilitating the borehole and installing a solar panel, but has encountered a problem with the broken pump. However, they are currently in the procurement process and aim to include a new pump in the bid.


In Saasaa, ADRA has completed the water pumping test successfully, with the pump running properly for 72 hours. They are now in the process of procuring additional materials and expect to complete this in March 2023.


It’s evident that ADRA is working tirelessly to ensure these projects are successfully completed. Their dedication to improving the quality of life for those in rural Damascus is admirable, and we look forward to seeing more updates on their progress.

Stay Tunned

How will ADRA overcome the challenges posed by a broken pump in Arneh and successfully complete the rehabilitation and solar panel installation for the borehole? Stay tuned for updates on their procurement process and bid inclusion as they strive to provide sustainable water solutions in rural Damascus. ADRA’s commitment to overcoming obstacles and improving the lives of local communities is truly inspiring!


Embaya, Rural Damascus

Installation of the solar system and the connection for the chlorine pump was completed and tested, benefitting 35,000 individuals

Rural Damascus

Ongoing borehole rehabilitation / Solar panel installation