Short Stories in Latakia – Sports City Center


Esraa is a 47-year-old mother who managed to escape her damaged house and survived the earthquake with her child. As initially she didn’t know about any shelters they spent the first night under a bridge. When she heard about the collective shelter, her brother, and his family moved with them to the Sports City Center. Esraa is thankful for ADRA because the delivery of the food is done in person, from hand-to-hand, so she can see and thank those helping her.


Hafiza is 24 years old and has an artistic soul. Her husband is serving in the army now and wasn’t at home when the disaster struck. Their house is no longer a safe place to live with visible cracks in the walls. Hafiza is staying with her daughter in the Sports City Center and is very thankful for the meals and the hygiene kits provided by ADRA.


Mohammed had disabilities before the earthquake and must use a walking stick. For him, walking, and even sitting, can be painful. He is the champion at the Sports City Center card games, and even though he is alone, he made new friends. He is thankful because without ADRA there wouldn’t have been an Iftar. He still dreams that he will have a small house and work in the future.